A competitively cost effective voting system designed to carry out all aspects of voting from delivering voting forms, administering physical voting and finally the secure counting of those votes.

Provide anonymous Internet access for every voter to check that their vote has been recorded in an entrusted system without leaving any trace of their own secret knowledge of their own secret voting number.

Complete freedom for the voter to vote in the entrusted knowledge that no one or no thing can ever know what they voted for which gives them, the voter, the freedom to vote for things that they otherwise may not have dared to vote for in the past or in the future.

Bring an end to the rush of manually counting votes on the day of the vote and the consequential late nights and early mornings that result.

Provide a new and relaxed way of vote counting that gives voters the time to prove to themselves that the Envosy system is secure before the electronically totalled vote results are made official.  Then the district votes are submitted to the final national count at a consecutive time so that the announcement of those results can be at that same moment in time or just after.

To back up the evidence of the votes with a paper copy of each anonymous vote that will be put into secure storage as part of the security of the Envosy system and service.

Utilising only relatively low level technologies but with a multi layer of those technologies to ensure the security of the system.  Other than displaying very local results, the system will be incorruptible by “internet hackers” simply by it not being connected to the Internet!  The results will be transported by horses if it should ever by a last remedy to a very unlikely problem of sub results transportations.

To employ a modest number of people in a national network of permanent staff and the part time services of well paid assistants at the times of actual voting, all of whom will be proven to be entrusted to honest conduct.

The system shall be nationally and internationally compatible and very small to very large numbers of votes catered for.

Update October 2015

My name is Adrian D Chetwynd and I designed the Envosy voting system in 2012 for several reasons.

One reason was to sell it is as package to the highest bidder in order to raise funds to invest in my seat belt installation business.

Another reason is that it is blatantly obvious that the far inferior American electronic voting system is corruptible and is being abused.

The third and possibly most important reason is that the current British voting system doesn’t inspire much confidence in the voter that the system is anonymous. It is of my opinion that the more controversial political parties lose out because of their potential voter’s fears of being monitored and so a truly anonymous system would inspire a more realistic indication of public opinion.

3 years have now passed since I designed the Envosy system and apart from my initial attempt to promote it to the markets I was later to understand why such a voting system would be precluded by most of the world’s major governments...

...So I have now decided to publish the main principles of my system for free distribution.

The main principles of the Envosy system are:

The voter receives their invitation to vote by post as per usual.

The voter then takes their paperwork to the polling station on polling day as per usual.

The voter hands their paperwork to the polling station attendant as per usual

But from there on my system is different....

Once registered, the voter is then invited to select an anonymous numbered voting slip from a slowly revolving non transparent drum which is certified as spy camera free.

The voting slip displays its number in numerical and bar code format so that the number can be quickly electronically recognised at the counting house.

The voting slip has an old fashioned tear off carbon copy of the voting transaction which is removed by the voter. This is so that it can be checked later to confirm or disapprove that the selected voting choice has been recorded correctly. The voter will probably use a black biro pen to mark their choice of vote.

Once the vote has been marked and the carbon copy part has been removed the main part of the slip is then placed into second revolving non transparent drum (which is also certified as being spy camera free) to be mixed with the other voting slips. The drum will have been preloaded with a certain number of dummy slips at the beginning of the session so that the first few voters do not feel intimidated at the sight through its opening, of an empty drum. Because of the inherent confidentiality of the system the voting slips shall not be folded so as to ease the automated process of reading the information from the slips.

At the end of the voting session the collection drums are security sealed, removed from their drive mechanism and then delivered to the nearest counting house where the automatic counting machines will record the chosen vote against each slip number.

Once each set of local results has been electronically recorded they are then posted onto the Internet in pages of one hundred (or one thousand) slip numbers per web page.

When the voter accesses the web page results they can only key in their slip number to the nearest 100 (or 1,000) so that the voter cannot leave an electronically recorded trace of their exact voting slip number.  For example, slip number 1234567 which will be displayed on the slips carbon copy as: 12345(67) can only be searched to the 3rd decimal place i.e. 12345_ _

As the voter accesses the web page no one but them will be able to know exactly which number they were looking at as they are viewing their recorded number which is amongst many other numbers.

After a delay of perhaps a full day, all of the local voting results can then be consecutively accumulated into their national representation and the results officially announced.

And it’s that simple!

Yours sincerely

Adrian D Chetwynd


My email contact address for this particular project is: enquiries@adci.co.uk